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The Stable selects expert consultants from our panel for specific services required by the client.  We have a very strong and trusted team of skilled professionals.  This team provides us with broad outreach and considerable agility of action. The Stable’s founders have a reputation for delivering success for both private and public sector engagements.


The group benefits from nationally recognised experience and leadership, deep knowledge of engineering, project management, business management, communications, governance, finance, and information technology and other specialised services and technologies.


The team demonstrates a deep knowledge of regional NSW, economic development and regional activation, local business participation, transport, freight and logistics, aviation, including airworthiness, security and productivity and safety improvements through investigation, review and risk mitigation.  Many of these experiences have been gained through military and commercial operations at the highest levels. Other complementary experiences stem from business, entrepreneurship and public service in Australia. Many of our consultants have held security clearances at the highest levels. We are committed to delivering quality services to our clients.


We are proud to have a culture where the application of strong moral and ethical leadership, as well as collaboration and trust, are our foundations. 

To view our capability statement:

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