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Strategy development & planning

The Stable understands the importance of setting a robust, long-term vision for an organisation. We work closely with our clients to review, develop and evaluate targeted and effective strategies.

Key services include customer service and strategy development, modelling and redesign, service evaluation, and corporate and shared services strategy development.

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Organisation design & transformation

We design tailored transformation frameworks for business improvement.

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Business process mapping

Our team have the capability to map current business processes and workflows in order to provide reviews, gap analysis, evaluation and re-design. Our expertise extends to business process outsourcing, feasibility and improvement strategies, gateway reviews, and advice and guidance on document development.


Financial & economic advisory services

We offer financial consulting services at the highest national and international levels through our highly experienced members. Additionally, we offer economic forecasting, modelling, value for money, willingness to pay and cost-benefit analysis at a market level.

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Valuation & property

We are fortunate to include highly experienced consultants in the fields of valuation and property management, with a deep knowledge of demand, utility, scarcity and transferability.


Procurement & supply chain

The Stable harbours high level specialist procurement expertise and advisory services through our most senior consultant and adviser. The operation of complex supply chains in commodities, grains and fast moving consumer goods has also been the strength of some of our consultants.

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Crisis management

The Stable comprises partners who have led national institutions and companies through many crises, including military operations around the world, vital crises such as health protection planning, and disaster management crises involving rail and road crashes, floods, cyclones, drought, bushfire and now, emerging crises in cyber security.


Business performance review

The Stable offers experienced support to high-level organisations in the review of program and project performance. We focus on program appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and economy in single operations or across multiple agencies.



Our highly experienced team draws on years of experience to provide appropriate advice on governance structures and their remit.


This includes boards and managing committees, advice on Delegations of Authority levels, terms of reference, information reporting structure, performance improvement framework, service level agreements, benchmarking and best practice.


Project management & facilitation

The Stable leads and manages projects using the tools of best practice and qualified staff. Our management is guided by quality project planning in advance and recognised project management methodology, including 'Lean', 'Agile' and 'Design Thinking' workshops.


Human capital management

The team possesses a depth of experience in workforce planning.  We have the capability to optimise the use of a workforce, plan resource allocation, identify workforce skill groupings and provide roster analysis. By working closely with our clients, we deliver the tools and techniques imperative to managing employee performance. We also offer specialist advice on the need for and design of HR processes such as payroll systems and employee databases.

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Work health & safety

With a clear focus on safety, the company offers highly qualified and experienced consultants who are well able to assist executives and boards to achieve and maintain compliance in Australian and International Standards in Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

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Stakeholder engagement

We have a wide range of experiences in stakeholder engagement management in very large projects and enterprises of national significance including Inland Rail, State infrastructure, logistics, water, health, energy and transport including rail, ports, shipping and aviation.


Training & development

Our team has been involved in training and development for decades, including policy development, competency based programs, leadership courses, tertiary instruction, capability reviews and pipelines for work experience, internships, apprenticeships, placements and undergraduate cadet programs.


Strategic business case

Our knowledge and expertise in building the commercials and deliverables around a proposed strategy enable us to prepare persuasive business cases. We can deliver feasibility reports to test alternate hypotheses or compare strategies. We are also experienced in the commercialisation of operations to improve revenue generation.

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Policy review & development

The Stable is experienced in the review of how policies are developed and established within an organisation. We examine the appropriateness of policy settings in an agency or cluster and provide both quantitative and qualitative research and policy analysis.


Change management

If an organisation is experiencing significant change, it can rely on The Stable to provide dependable management services. We have experience in the communication planning of a project or change to all stakeholders.

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Managing workplace relations and culture is important for the success of any organisation. The Stable provides guidance on understanding the requirements of legislation, managing risk or potential breaches, and cultural mapping and profiling. Our expertise extends to employee engagement surveys and support on how to manage staff affected by investigations.

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Risk management

The Stable enjoys a strong list of consultants who have had risk assessment, risk management and risk frameworks professionally ingrained into their careers over many years.   Our impressive team of bankers, bureaucrats, engineers, senior military officers, directors and senior executives are able to clearly advise on identifying, prioritising and mitigating risk. In combination with some high technology experience we also offer the most secure emerging approaches to cyber security in large companies and organisations.

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Enterprise faciliation

Collectively our consultants maintain a very strong network of regional stakeholders and decision makers.  This, combined with our deep understanding of regional issues, shortfalls and opportunities, makes us the ideal partner for facilitating engagement between regional, metropolitan, education and indigenous businesses.


Event management

Our team has held positions at very high levels in some of the biggest events on the globe, including the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and management of professional sporting teams. This experience provides an excellent basis for consulting to Governments and entities requiring such services.

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